VEKA Perfectline

Perfect window profile systems without lead strenghtenings



Technical characteristics

  • a five chamber system PVC profiles with a depth of 70 mm provides proper thermal insulation.
  • Possibility of using panes of thickness from 14 to 42 mm


  • characterised by a gently outlined shapes, the elegant Perfectline profile line allows them to be suitable for every architectural style. Profiles can be bend in arches.
  • gaskets in two colors: caramel and grey suited to the finished profile improve the window estethics.


  • steel strenghtenings provide ideal static and safety
  • Perfectline profiles allow to build a sash 1500 mm wide without additional protections. Window sash and frame profiles have a total height of only 118 mm, therefore, the window has a larger glass pane area and allows to light a room adequately
  • firm mounting of fittings in the wing and window arm through many parts of the profile, including anti-burglary fittings
  • smooth surfaces are simple in cleaning and do not require maintenance and are produced from high quality PVC which can be recycled in 100%
  • firm mounting of the pane in a profile of depth of 24 mm causes that the window is safe and less vulnarable to intruders and allows to limit the condensation of steam on the pane
  • when installing the correct glass pane, the system meets the conditions of acoustic insulation of class 6, which means suppressing noise up to 50 dB (e.g. Expressway with 5000 cars per hour)